Monday, 11 June 2007

Aaaah, BT!

I’m confused – did I miss something? The BT ads with the guy from My Family and Love, Actually, what’s happening here? What sort of signal is BT hoping to send?

The ad’s made sense at first, guy meets girl, girl is a divorcee, he lays the tracks of trying to get the kids from her previous marriage to like him through home-work assistance and the like. We see the dad, he’s a bit of a prick, the kids prefer the new guy – he’s cool, hip, knows all kinds of things about BT broadband hubs and wireless boxes.

So maybe I missed one. Cut to now, and we’re at a wedding – not theirs – and the guy is off fetching drinks for his friend the groom, or the girl, or someone else. Guy bumps into another girl, and tries the same lines that worked with the kids to apparently hit on her.

It goes badly and a voice-over tells us that he is pleased it went wrong? But what if it didn’t? Would the next one have shown him calling a help-line to cancel his subscription, or move the hub to another address because of the split? Showing how easy it would be and how nice the call centre folk at BT are?

It’s how the Bisto family went in the end, isn’t it. Mum and dad split, or someone died, or something.

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