Sunday, 3 June 2007

Dog Tired

Today I am sad. A deep, mournful sorrow. It came last night just before I fell into a tequila/friend’s birthday party fuelled deep sleep. Today, something was missing from my life that, although only there for a short while, made me incredibly happy. You see, I dog-sat for my sister yesterday.

Yesterday was a big kiddie party at my sister’s house, and Bella – the dog – is only a tiny little miniature Jack Russell, the kind that would be trampled underfoot at that sort of thing. So, despite my wife’s allergies, Bella came to stay with us the night before and for the day of the party.

She has the nervous energy of a tiny dog that – although very well house trained – has no discipline at all, bred from being surrounded by hyper-active young children that no doubt pulled her this way and that. So she spent the first two hours with us running back and forth, tic tic tic across the hard, wood floor. Then the next twenty minutes or so barking at a tree. When walking her I realised that she likes to bark at inanimate things, like shopping bags and trees. But, despite her size, she wasn’t a yappy little dog. She was very well behaved. All she needed was some music to calm her down (she even started to fall asleep standing up when the radio was on). As I typed an email that night she sat in my lap, ears up proudly.

The next day, another walk (we did a lot of walking) and then out of the house – the allergies were getting too much for Mrs Monkey Pipe. So Bella skipped about in the friend’s garden as the he got ready for his own party, before being taken home.

I’ve grown up with dogs, and had a fantastic Jack Russell called Max many years ago, but had no idea how much I missed her until today. Not just Max though, Bella too. We only had those two days together, but they were great days, great times.

I hope she had as much fun as I did, and if she did, I hope it seemed longer than two days. Isn’t that two weeks in dog years?

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