Thursday, 7 June 2007

This I know

Most people would like to think that their instinct and their conscious mind are so in tune that they can know or sense just about anything. Cries of ‘I knew it!’ often ring out, but rarely actually mean anything. I have a friend whose wife is pregnant, and some people have tried to sound wise and knowing about the baby’s gender. The odds are pretty good on this one though, a straight fifty fifty – get it wrong and no one cares, a baby has just been born and that is more important than pointing out errors, get it right and you can guarantee that a cry of ‘I knew it!’ will go up.

I’d like to think that my instincts are okay – but I try my best to ignore them, and instead opt to over think or analyse everything to the minutiae until impotence. However, having had an interview yesterday with two women in a small office that made my instincts scream ‘they are not in the least bit interested in you’ and then getting a call a few hours later to be told exactly that, I might start paying more heed to them.

Then again it could have just been sound analytical thinking – they asked three questions, then kind of looked bored, then half answered my questions, then said ‘right, well, we’re be in touch’. It took the barrister at the coffee shop longer to prepare my shot of espresso before hand than the whole interview took. When the call came that they had decided to go with someone that had already been working at the place, I thought ‘I knew it!’

Job hunting is a strange business – especially if you a) haven’t got a clue about what it is that you are aiming for and b) over analyse everything to the minutiae until impotence. Yesterday was a day of good or bad though. On the bad were the interview, and the fact that my laptop has gone bad, the directory has corrupted and it will not start up or repair itself. It’s old, and backed-up, but still, we have had a great relationship. I also broke a glass as I was over thinking washing-up – managing to smash the glass with a chopping board.

On the good, I was offered a short-term contract in my previous line of work, that it would be petulant to not take for the money and until I have something else sorted. Plus tickets to Mrs. Monkey Pipe’s home for Christmas have been bought at a fantastic price. Plus, I can always find someone else worse off than I – a simply process of passive aggressive positive thinking, unless of course you are the one person in the world who has no one worse off than you.

I don’t particularly like having the idea of a balancing scale for good and bad in life, and I get that karma is non-judgmental, so I’m not going to suggest that bad things happen in threes or that for good to happen bad must happen too so that we understand and appreciate this, but my instincts are telling me that something is going to happen soon, something good, And when it does, you can bet that I’ll be there to say ‘I knew it!’

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