Monday, 16 July 2007

Gett Off

One idea was to try and keep a diary going for the current job –however, as the week as drawn out, and the unnecessarily difficulty of the work at hand has become more and more apparent, I’ve found myself too tired to do much more than shower and collapse into bed of a night.

The week started badly, and basically went from there along a similar trajectory. I did manage to get production to cough up the extra money to enable us to work around the cameraman, but it’s still frustrating, and leaves me disappointed with the end product.

With Sunday, the one day off, I am faced with a new problem. Should I buy the Mail on Sunday to take advantage of their offered cover gift of Prince’s latest album? A paper whose opinions I find so loathsome as to border on irresponsible.

The Pipe household isn’t the biggest news consuming household in the land – I flick through the BBC News site of a morning as part of my waking up programme, but that’s about it. Newspapers aren’t really bought or championed or selected over another – and yet The Mail is there, like some bitter, twisted and spiteful snobbish aunt visiting the family home – I can’t stand the paper, and get offended by the sight of people reading it, afraid for their very characters. And yet, Prince is quite good, and it’s a new album.

Certain arms of the music industry has come out up in arms about this affront – music stores in particular are bemoaning the greed of the industry, of the labels and management side of the artists. Which is sweetly ironic.

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