Monday, 27 August 2007

A Far Better Thing...

It’s been a while. The job proved to be more time and energy consuming than initially thought, and left Monkey Pipe feeling as thought the only thing he had the chance to do between closing his eyes at night and seemingly opening them moments later in the darkness of morning was to switch the alarm on and off. Anyway, the film has been put to bed – so now begins the build up to worrying about when and if I’ll work again.

One thing that I have managed to do while working has been to, very slowly, read Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities – mainly on the rides into work (eschewing car use for public transport). Almost to the day the book started and finished with the job. I’m not about to write some amazingly insightful opinion of the book, the best you’ll get here is two things; I like Dickens, but find the following of characters in the easiest of books tough going, this is multiplied with Dickens books. Secondly, I cannot think of a book with more known opening and closing lines. I can’t remember the opening lines of many books (for some reason, A Clockwork Orange sticks in my mind, and I half remember Lolita and Anna Karenina, but that’s about it – none of which I would call my favourite book) and can remember none of the last lines of any books, save A Tale of Two Cities – lines which I knew before reading them.

Okay, not the best entry - but give me a chance, I'm still waking up.

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