Monday, 10 September 2007

Am I My Brother's Keeper? Part Two

And so we continue.

The work, still slow, was becoming an issue. I was being accused of risking my partner’s mortgage because we weren't getting any jobs - often the comment "I'll lose my house if we don't get a job" was thrown around.

It came to a head when my partner demanded a meeting. He talked about how my heart was no longer in the project and he wanted to know there and then if I was going to throw my lot in and do things how he wanted them done, or if I no longer wanted to do this anymore. I've never faired well with ultimatums. I said, "If you're asking me if I want to do things only how you want them done or not at all, I would say not at all."

We disbanded the partnership, I sold my share of the equipment to him and walked away.

Soon after we got a call for a job. Striking up a deal where I hired the equipment from him we were soon going to work.

It was a tough job, the lighting wasn't friendly, the hours were long, but that's all part of doing the job that we do.

My old partner decided the best way to deal with this was to be rude to everyone, surly to the heads of other departments, complain to anyone who would listen, or to sit in the corner and play on his hand-held consul. I spent most of the job apologising to other people for him, until it came to a head and a producer talked with me about the possibility of firing him.

The job finished, we spoke, at no point was an apology issued - the best was "I'm sorry you feel that way" and I realised that I didn't know this person, didn't enjoy working with him and probably most importantly didn't like him.

He is troubled and self-destructive. From a professional point of view he is guilty of constantly concerning himself with the next job at the expense of the current one at hand, and of arrogance of the highest order.

I will never work with him again.

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