Sunday, 23 March 2008

Stork and Pipe

Things have been a little busy ‘round at Monkey Palace for the last few weeks. Firstly a job that ran as per the usual long hours, but then also contained a fun 3 hour round trip to and fro – making sure that there was just time to wash and sleep between each of the six days per week.

Secondly, and far more importantly, Baby Pipe was born a week ago, and this week has been a joyous mixture of changing nappies, watching him pull great faces, changing nappies, watching him sleep, changing nappies, changing his outfits, changing nappies, wiping spit-up off of his chin and changing nappies.

He’s a beauty, sweet natured and very cute. I’m in the stage of looking for patterns, if he sleeps an hour on more than one occasion, that’s a pattern. Turns his head to the left and sleeps better, that’s a pattern. Likes his left foot out of his outfit first, pattern. Fact is though, he doesn’t do much but warm mine and Mrs Pipe’s hearts at the moment.

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