Monday, 26 May 2008

The Week That Was

In which tears were spilt, Newspapers were once again tasteless and Iron Man excited the heart.

It’s been a while, my original idea was to try and write something at least twice a week here, to keep the blog going as part brainpower exercise – keeping the writing muscles active – part place to unload. However with the little man on the scene and work getting in the way, I’ve been here fewer times than I would have liked.

Perhaps it’s time to reassess the blog – start by setting my goals a little more achievable – a weekly review, a run down of the thoughts and ideas that present themselves across the seven day period? Sounds good – we’ll see…

Firstly, the Champions League came to a head in Moscow last Wednesday, with an all English final seeing Chelsea play out their usual brand of one-up-front football against Manchester United’s flatter-to-deceive long ball game. Hyperbole built the game up and followed in the match reports – John Terry showed his emotional side in a different way than shouting, haranguing, grabbing and generally attacking match officials by crying when his penalty (along with Christano Ronaldo for Man U, and Anelka for Chelsea) missed in the after-extra-time shoot-out. As a neutral I must say that I barely enjoyed the game – one moment of magic from Tevez which saw two shots on target brilliantly saved by Czech was the highlight of a match fraught with niggling and bittiness between the two teams. Maybe once again my love affair with the beautiful game is in doubt, or maybe, just maybe we should all take a leaf out of Flavour Flav’s book and not believe the hype that surrounds football?

The press a few weeks ago were handed the heaven sent gem of a story about the Austrian sex torture peado dungeon – a story so unusual and grotesque as to almost seem unreal. However, the story that was sensational enough, obviously wasn’t for those boys and girls of the tabloid press brigade. Day after day of speculation and accusation grimly plastered the front pages of papers more attuned to telling us that a famous person has put on a bit of weight. Award for the least tasteless of a very full bunch has to go to The Metro, the free Underground litter rag, which showed a picture of the sister of the daughter that had been held captive lounging with a friend in bikini’s – a few pages later was a story about how sexy some celebrity looked in her bikini, taken with a long-lens from some hill-top bush a few miles away.

Finally Iron Man was the first feature to come out of Marvel Studio’s - the new film-making arm of the Marvel Comics Universe. In the past the company have sold rights to bidders, but have now invested heavily (or at least Merrill Lynch has) and is planning a slew of movies. It worked well, the typical problems of making an interesting origin story for the cinematic audience that on the one hand might be new to the world and on the other might have collected every printed appearance of the character from day one and have a very clear idea of what the story should entail were evident. It suggested something that has been lacking from all comic book adaptations ever, and that is something of a bigger universe – that this character, Tony Stark, could take lunch with Peter Parker or Steve Rogers if he liked, that they all existed in the same world. Let’s see how the next few films fair, and if they build on this idea.

Okay, enough for now – time to enjoy the rain of Bank Holiday Monday – got to love the British Summer!

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