Saturday, 7 June 2008

Blood, Bond and labour

Medicals, Hoagy Carmichael and When Work is No Play…

So I completed stage three of four in my application to get a visa to allow the Family Pipe to move over to the US, stage three being a medical.

I’ve never really been for a medical, I’ve been to the local GP’s and seen the nurse for a blood pressure reading (these I find unfair, for some reason I get very tense and nervous when having my blood pressure taken, and so it always seems worse – the last time I did it, the nurse took three readings, the first spiked, the second was calmer, the third was in-between – or good enough, in her words) and the like, but this was something new. A chest x-ray, a look at my past inoculations (of which I needed a MMR and an update of my tetanus jab – leaving me a little feverish and bungy for the last few days), height checked, weight checked and so on.

It was the next stage that was possible a moment of poor timing or possibly a personal slur; I’m not sure which. Stripped to my shorts, lying on my back, I breathed in and out twice, and then had the shorts lifted up and asked to cough. One of my unusual childhood memories is of having a medical; led into a room by a female nurse I was suddenly a lone boy in a room of four women, two nurses, a doctor and my mum. I was asked to drop my trousers and pants, and had the cough and drop check administered. Later on I asked someone about his experience and commented that it was weird when the doctor made me take my pants down. I was met with a blank stare. To this day I have never known if I was being led on or if I was unique in my medical.

“Cough” the female doctor said this time. I coughed, the shorts were place back on.
“Little prick” she suddenly uttered, but before I could react, a needle was in my arm and blood was being extracted.

Was this just bad timing on the bedside manner, or was I being critiqued? I guess until someone else goes in, I may never know…and even then….

SO I’m up to book 8 in my quest to read all of the Bond novels. Book eight, or For Your Eyes Only, is a tough one for me, as it is made up of short stories, and I always feel cheated for investing time into characters in short stories, just to have them end as I was getting to know them. Not that Bond is much different in this; he’s his usual charming, sexist, dated, near-useless self. I’m enjoying the books immensely (reading them with a pinch of salt wedged well between my tongue and cheek or something), and have noted the occasional references to who it is that Bond looks like, Hoagy Carmichael, an old time song writer. Of the pictures that I’ve seen of Hoagy, the actor that most resembles him at the moment certainly isn’t Daniel Craig, but rather Jason Isaacs (google the two of them, you’ll see). As good as Craig was with Casino Royale, the ideal I’d love to see with Bond is a series of period films made true to the books. However, as Quantum of Solace contains nothing but a scandalous story being told at a dinner party, I doubt that would make for a great spy movie.

Finally, work this week has been interesting. I did a very nice and fun job on Thursday that resulted in decent pay for 3 and a half hours of very little work. I then got offered a job that would result in terrible pay for a lot of work, and have spent the last few days talking myself out of it. I am terribly unconfident about work, always feeling like anything that comes along should be done – but really do feel that this time, this one would be totally counterproductive to my career. I just need to let those people involved know that I’m not willing to do this on their terms as they stand, and hopefully that will mean not at all.


pdore said...

You're right - Jason Isaacs=Hoagy Carmichael (Did you guys see the 2003 Peter Pan by the way? good kid's movie in a couple of years & Jason Isaacs is very good). Waiting for a new post!

Peace & Love to you all,


Monkey Pipe said...

I didn't see the Peter Pan, I don't think. He's a great actor, and I heard an interview with him on the radio, and he sounded like a really cool guy. He's in Paul Greengrass's new film, and I saw a clip with him in which was very very good.