Sunday, 14 September 2008

They're heeeeeeere!

Hello everyone, it’s been a while.

Part of the reason behind not writing for such a period is that the Family Pipe has upped sticks and moved a few thousand miles west, to the hometown of the beautiful Mrs Pipe, Los Angeles. If packing up and sorting through everything that one has collected over a 30 odd year period, cancelling a life and preparing for a near-twelve hour flight with a near-six month old baby wasn’t reason enough for not typing, work has also been getting in the way. Sleep and me haven’t been close for a while.

But here we are, and here I am starting a new life in a new town in a new country. Exciting times.

The most interesting thing, apart from moving from a walking kind of town to a driving way of life, is to land slap bang in the middle of the build up to the US elections. I’ve witnessed the process from afar, with British media being very interested in what, until Blair took it and ran, was seen as a spectacular glitzy show, but being here now and getting everything building, seeing how important it seems to the people who I’ve met has highlighted the apathy of my homeland.

It seems that the US has decided the best way to run this election is to act out the pilots of two television shows – although it should be said, they’ve put them in the blender somewhat. Where the Republican 24 had a black president and Commander In Chief (which, I’ll be honest, I never watched, but I’m guessing that it was more liberal than 24 – unless the guy from Saved By The Bell tortured someone in an episode) had a female Vice President getting moved up to the big chair following the death of the President, this seasons election show has it being played the other way round. I can’t wait for the boxed-set DVD’s.


Anonymous said...

Until that unfortunate sex tape made its way into the public domain, Dustin Diamond aka Screech from SBTB was cited as a potential Republican candidate. Pro-gun, anti-abortion, and a strong belief in Creativism meant that he could no longer be happy playing a student whose best friends had all left him for college whilst he ended up looking after the headmaster.

Anonymous said...

i like cheese

pdore said...

Good to see a new entry & welcome!!! The American political process can be very strange - it really is in part total hollywood schmaltz(i.e. Palin). But it's also so important (i.e. Iraq, the economy, basic human rights, etc.) Hope you're not too cynical already. Can you vote yet?