Friday, 28 November 2008

Best of Times, Worst of Times…Want/Need Ratio…

Monkeypipe is suffering from some existential angst. I’m in a wonderful, loving relationship, with the most amazing wife and a beautiful baby, I have a great job that pays well, and is less than a mile away from the great apartment that we, the Family Pipe, now occupy, and we have a brand new car. So what seems to be the problem, Mr Pipe?

If I knew, I’m not sure it would be any easier – it could be home-sickness (I do find my self suddenly overwhelmed with the crashing realisation that I know no one or no thing here), it could be the slow ice-sheet creep of age getting ever closer to the dwelling of my youth (I just had a birthday, so…), or maybe it’s just that awful damned philosophical quest for soul, the ach of paradise lost in a spiritual sense brought around by the original sin? I’m not a deeply religious man, in fact I find that the practise of religious organisations of telling others how to live rather distasteful, enough so to put me off of following any religion with feeling, despite considering myself a spiritual enough person to believe in a one truer power. Or maybe I’m just a bit miffed that I was working on my birthday with a person I find so crushingly negative as to suck the positivity out of my very soul, and to then be denied a cinema visit to see the latest Bond film?

I’m sure I’ll get over it…

For a while now, in fact since I first saw a demonstration at Amazon at the start of the year, I have desired for no real reason a Kindle.

I’ve been working on drawing up a formula, much like the literal Quantum of Solace, with which to measure my want to need ratio for such a device.

Basically; taking the cost of the Kindle, then factoring the cost of the number of books available that I’d want to buy for the Kindle, over the space of those books divided by the space of the Kindle, minus the warm fuzzy feeling of having the physical books themselves – remembering to use the “do you really need another piece of technology” variant, along with the temptation to buy for the sake of buying factor (one day I’ll share the story of how Monkeypipe bought a comic book on ebay for more than £200, just because I wanted to see how high someone would bid for it – technology can be so very wrong) – as soon as the equation hits the magic number of one (or “want”) then perhaps I’ll think about maybe buying one…


Anonymous said...

Oh my dear, I'm so sorry that we didn't get to go to the Bond film on your Birthday weekend. I promise we'll go soon. Keep your chin up, Honey. Don't forget the Little Guy and I love you.

Mrs Pipe

pdore said...

Sorry about the ennui Jamie :(
Let us know when you need babysitters to go see Bond.
What was the comic book you bought on ebay?

Peace & Love,


Emiliana said...


Considering that I suffer existential angst from living 3 minutes away from Eagle Rock, I can only imagine how hard it must be for you to be so far from all of your family and friends and familiar things. I don't remember this analogy exactly - curse my post-baby memory! But there's a part in the very beginning of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that I think has something to do with the pan-galactic gargle blaster and the imminent destruction of the earth and this strange effect that happens to people where for just a moment they have an exact sense of just how far they happen to be from the place where they were born. I am not doing poor Douglas Adams justice, but that concept always stayed in my head as a very powerful thing. Having been born in Salt Lake City, myself, I like to think that it's not so much the place where you were born, but the place that you think of as home.

At any rate, all of this is a very long way of saying, I'm so sorry you are under attack by the blue meanies. I told Amy today that I can definitely come over at night one of these evenings and watch Mr. Felix for you. I can handle a bit of crying and hopefully, if Amy puts him to sleep, he will sleep like...well, a baby (who made up that saying, anyway?)

In the meantime, lots of love to you and big hugs from your extended family here in La-la-land.