Monday, 29 December 2008

Out With the Old, In With the Old

The days and months fall down like so many jacks tossed up in a child’s game, and we come ever closer to the end of the old and start of a new year.

It’s been a big year for change; a change of abode for the family Pipe, a change of priorities as the little man Pipe becomes the answer to every question of Pipe’s purpose, and, of course, a change in the white house (although both Hilary and Rudy showed that ill manners and all manner of vile hatred still brewed deep in some politicians approach to trying to grab the big prize in the US).

One thing that didn’t change is the Pipe’s sense of annoyance at personalised, or vanity number plates. I’m not sure where the burn of irritation comes from, but they bother me so much – some part of my less accepting mind seriously wants to take a dump on the bonnet of every single car that carries these pointless trinkets of waste. One that particularly bothered me misspelled polluting on a beast of an oversized car.

Perhaps the new year will bring about more tolerance.

I’ve been inspired by Christmas conversations with the Brother in Law to read some of the weightier classical tomes that I have in the past skimmed and dropped. Talk of a third reading of Moby Dick (3 times! All the way through!) have me thinking that it can be done the once. I used to have a policy of trying the best book of each author (you know, too many books, not enough time) and moving on, but the Bond exercise, and my new found enjoyment of Raymond Chandler and Phillip Kerr, have me thinking that perhaps just reading good books is enough (too many books, not enough time) and perhaps those books that I tried to get through in the past (I’m looking at you, Don Quixote) and didn’t quite make it because my mind started to get distracted by the thought of being able to shrink myself down to miniscule sizes and fight crime, thus making even the smallest sentence something that I’d have to re-read so often so as to make each book seem to be a scratched LP. Perhaps I should go back and give another go at them. Also via the Brother in Law (and family) came the additional inspiration of a Borders gift card, so as to help kick start the new approach – Moby Dick sounds like a fun one to start with…

Call me Monkeypipe...

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