Thursday, 28 May 2009

Right, write, white, why?

So, I've been hard at it, writing issue one of my first comic book series (I'm thinking 4 issue mini-series), as hard at it as one can be when one writes only during those hours when MP jr sleeps, at least...

I also have a very very friendly (and extremely talented) artist who has offered to draw up 4 pages to see how it goes, and then perhaps see if a professional relationship can develop from there. Something which I think will help spur me on to not only finish the series, but also to start to look at printing and publication costs etc - all those nasty businessy things that will no doubt come about.

Here's some links to some of Andrew Drilon's (for he is that artist) work:

Crisis in the Kingdom of Color

What the Cigarette Said

I'm currently on page 16 of what I think will be a 24 page first issue - hoping to have it done in the next couple of days!

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