Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Four Pages of Pencils

So, my four page short.

It basically tells the story of the father of time travel, who becomes disillusioned at the end of his life at what time travel has been used for. He knows that trying to go back to repair things will do no good, as the time line simply patches over paradoxes and creates alternative time streams that overlap each other, in order to preserve some order. So he comes up with a plan. He, along with other versions of himself from different time lines, come up with a time machine that will travel back to the only point when he knows he can make a difference. With a payload to counter the affects, he travels back to the moment of the big bang, making it come off as more of a damp squib.

I've received the four pages of preliminary pencils, the rough outline before the final pages are drawn and then inked - almost like a story board, and they work fantastically well, getting across some ideas that I wanted to try and cram in. Some things won't be clear until the final pages are done, and the text added, but I think these do a pretty good job of telling the story (clicking on images should give you a better look).





Art work by J.C. Grande. © Jamie Gambell, 2009 – all rights reserved.

There's some way to go just yet, but I really wanted to use this as an exercise for a couple of things - firstly I wanted to go about making contact with artists and trying to do create a professional relationship, with perhaps the opportunity for future work. Secondly, I wanted to gage the costs of getting a full art team on a project, and seeing how long it took to get something done, and what work flow worked. Thirdly, I really wanted to ensure that for the bigger project I had a team in place in case I am unable to get Andrew Drilon on board, or if the timing didn't work.

J.C. stood out for being a) an excellent communicator, b) straight forward and clear about what he needed (kind of 'a', really, but I wanted to re-iterate) and generally very professional in all dealings.

I have a letterer in place, who has shown interest in working on the pages, so once inked and finalised, that will be the next stage.

I will keep you updated on progress, but for now, I am going to bed a happy Monkey.

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pdore said...

That's so cool to see it all coming together like that! I can't wait to see it all finished.