Friday, 26 June 2009

Road Trips and Crystal Tips

Here is a very rough lettering test, with some script adjustments, using the low res images of the 4 page story.

Using ComicLife (hence the watermarks) for ease (Illustrator still scares me a little) it should give an idea of the overall story.

You'll have to excuse the colour "pop!" at the end, Comic Life is easy to use, but some things were still beyond me. Also, sorry to any professional letterers, I know this is an ugly rush job, but it is just to make sure that the words fitted the pictures.


Anonymous said...

My, you're working hard on this! It looks good, and I can't wait till you explain to me what it actually means.

Love you,

pdore said...

I want to know too! Looks very interesting so far. Did you ever see a movie called Primer (I may have asked you already). It's pretty strange how it works out.