Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tee and, Indeed, Hee

I'm working my way through the script for issue #4, doing a lot of condensing and rewriting as I go. There's a lot to get in, but I want to get it in at 24 pages, and I want it to be only four issues - so it's a good challenge.

I may also, later today, have some pencils for the 4 page story to post up here. The excellent J.C. Grande (some work can be found - here) is pencilling before inking the story, and is working on it as I type. Very exciting for me.

While I ponder the final pages of the script, and wander around the internet, distracting myself, I found this:

Something which tickled me from the excellent Michael Kupperman.


pdore said...

That is hilarious! is that a whole series? Do the ants ever get the punchline?

Monkey Pipe said...

I hope so! I've ordered a collected book, so will let you know when it arrives.

pdore said...

Definitely do that! P.S. most British blog heading ever :)