Tuesday, 7 July 2009


So it looks like the creative team is in place for the 4 issue series - titled Omniarium. Art will be J.C. Grande (who is currently working on character designs) and letters/design will be Bernie Lee (who, along with Brant Fowler, will also be working on some title designs and logo's - to be decided when I see them).

I received the first character design a couple of days ago, and was very pleased - but will hold off from posting anything here too soon. I'm incredibly excited to actually be doing this, and hope it all comes off, it is a dream fulfilled for me.

I will post more in the coming weeks - however, I also am due to start work back on the day job in a couple of weeks, which will be nice to get back to, but sad to be leaving the lazy summer days of family Pipe behind.

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pdore said...

Very exciting!! Can't wait to see how it turns out!