Tuesday, 14 July 2009

News, Snooze and Canoes

The family Pipe has arrived back from a short trip to the beautiful La Jolla, and a visit to Grandpa's place.

It was a straight forward drive, at least compared to the Mad Max, Road Warriors esque burn north to Oregon, a couple of hours, one freeway, there and back during the quiet of nap time for Pipe Jr, all very nice.

La Jolla is one of those places that when there fills you with a desire to move to it, so idyllic and clean and perfect it seems, I'm certain that three or four days there and you'd soon be driven mad. The only way it seems possible to enjoy living there is if one was able to do so at a time in life when work wasn't an issue, the perfect place to grow up in as a school kid, or a retiree.

Before we undertook this journey I got some good news about the 4 page short, it's been accepted into a comic book anthology, titled Roninfinity, part of the Ronin Studios label, it's a sci-fi centric collection of stories of different sizes. I will post more once I know of it, but for now, it's in!


Anonymous said...

Congrats about the anthology, Mr Pipe. Good for you!

Yes, La Jolla, the jewel, the lovely and mesmerizing...TOO CLEAN!!! It was great to be down there, and to see Grandpa, and take walks and get some fresh ocean air, but it was also great to drive into LA and see some graffiti.

the Mrs

pdore said...

Wow - that's so cool about the comic!! Keep us posted. Definitely agree with you about SD - very nice place to visit, etc. Don't understand "canoe" reference, though.

Monkey Pipe said...

It rhymed... and we saw some people in a boat... er... that's it...