Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Ho Ho Holy Moley!

Hi all.

I'll keep this brief as I'm back from work in the middle of a long-ish week, and feeling the need to climb into bed and read more than anything else.

Couple of things that I wanted to say before I do just that -

Firstly Mama Pipe and Sibling Pipe are in town, having landed this afternoon, and should now be tucked up nice and snugly at the Beverly Garland Hotel just around the corner, zeding away and getting themselves onto LA time.

Secondly, the first five pages of rough layouts for Omnitarium were sent today by J.C., and they look great.

Every time a piece of this project comes my way, I'm made happier by the realisation that this is really happening.

I go to sleep a happy man.


pdore said...

Congratulations on the project so far Jamie. It looks great & can't wait to see it finished!! Great to see the other pipes too - hope the Sounders scored many own goals (hope that is correct!)

Monkey Pipe said...

Thank you, sir!

Sadly the Sounder's decided to score two perfectly valid goals in the right net, and the Galaxy decided to aid their cause by getting 2 players sent off.