Saturday, 8 August 2009

Is This Thing On? Tap Tap!

I've been battling to retain a degree of decorum and self respect while attempting to play zen against my bosses social ineptitude's. One thing that is making this season easier to deal with is the Comic Book project - a little creative something to fill the moments of nothing...

The character designs are completed, bar two turnarounds (I'll post something later about these) and covers are roughly designed by me for JC to work on once the sequential stuff is underway, and logo and company skirt designs are currently being worked on by a few people.

Here are some of the first title designs I received today:

Feel free to comment on them or pick favourites, etc.

My plan at the moment for the series is to collect the title designs, the character turnarounds, a completed cover, and the designs for the others and 5-10 completed sequential pages (lettered and all) and put together a submissions package for publishers. While this goes on, work will continue on the remaining art pages, so that, if needs be, I'll go the self publishing route and have the first issue ready to go quicker.

One thing I am thinking about is having the book colour or black and white. Black and white would save a lot of money (colour would almost double the budget and would almost double the books final cost) but colour would look great. One option is to finish the four issue series in black and white, then look at going colour for a collected graphic novel at a future date.

In the meantime, I'm also working on an 8 page script for submission to - somethine I'm hoping to work with Andrew Drilon on (it fitting his schedule better than the 4 issue project).

Finally, I've been looking into various Indy comic titles, getting a feel for the quality and lay of the market out there. One book in particular has really caught my eye - one of the most professional looking and beautifully drawn series I've seen in a long time -

The Colodin Project


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Anonymous said...

Glad you have all these creative outlets, Honey. Can't wait to see them!

Try to survive the daily grind. I know it's rough out there, especially with a certain person who will remain unnamed who makes your work much harder than it should be.