Sunday, 23 August 2009

A Real Stream of Messness

Hola folks!

So pages 1, 3-5 are in and finished for Omnitarium, and J.C. is working on page 2 (a splash art page, so it is taking a bit more time). It's looking great, and I can't wait for some of the lettering to start and the story to fall into place. I also have another designer working on a logo, so will have three (new designer, the finalised Bernie Lee design as seen below, and what ever Brant Fowler comes up with) which is great as it feels like I have three minds, three separate ideas working on something, so should get three fresh takes.

I'm starting to think of what to work on next - which on the one hand is a little premature, the timing for Omnitarium will probably pan out as aug-oct, working on the submissions package to send to various publishers, with work continuing in the meantime on the series, then dec or jan will see the self published first issue ready if nothing comes of the submissions. I'd probably be aiming to get the book out quarterly, so it should be finished by the end of next year (having aug-dec to get ahead of ourselves will be great, as it should mean that we keep the momentum and stay ahead with the art work, hopefully lessening any delays, which could really harm a following for a self-published or small press book). Then we're talking of revisiting the series and colouring it for a collected book, ready for the following year, and that would be something I'd be looking to take to conventions in 2011, and hopefully around then work will have started on the next series.

I did have one idea, which was to produce a quarterly collection of stories, enabling me to bring three or so stories out at once - having been raised on such anthology series, with books like 2000 ad, Warrior and Mighty World of Marvel, I am accustomed and happy to work in such a format, although it might be tough to keep all the balls in the air at once, and such a book as a quarterly series might be hard going to self produce.

I'm now begining to think about websites and marketing and the such for Omnitarium - small books don't get sold or seen by sitting around, and it does take a lot of self promotion, something I have never really been comfortable with, so this could all be a great lesson for me.

More to come soon...


pdore said...

Sounds like it's all coming along really well Jamie! I know that it's a hassle to try to sell promote something yourself (after all of the work of making it!), but hopefully it will be a positive experience, and it is a lot easier with the Internet! Good luck!!

Brant W. Fowler said...

Just wanted to let you know I'm still here, just got slammed with life and work. I'll be in touch soon. Glad to know things are coming together for you, man.