Sunday, 13 September 2009

Cyclops, bloody cyclops

Hi all, and welcome to the latest installment of my blog!

I've just finished a lovely dinner prepared by Mrs Pipe and I, and the little man has been put to sleep for the night, I'm a bottle of white wine down, and blind in one eye thanks to Pipe Jr's wagging digits, all is right with the world!

SO - pages 1-15 are now completed (art wise) and they look great, moments of the work are reminding me of Zenith, which, in my oh so humble opinion, is just about the greatest work that Grant Morrison has ever created, and Grant Morrison has created some fine work over the years. Mr Morrison is one of those wonderful comic book writers that references things outside of comics and still makes moments of sheer wonder appear on the page as though he were nothing more than a living, breathing observer in a world in which the adventures of Batman and Superman were real events. Most recently he produced a moment that, when I wonder why I still like those natty four coloured adventures so much, reminded me so perfectly, and yet showed me that they are capable of so much more that at the same time I was left wondering why I still like those natty four coloured adventures so much.

The moment in question was from Issue #6 of his recent event series, Final Crisis, in which, for a while at least, the bad guys win. The bad guys in question being Darkseid and his minions, who have solved the anti-life equation, enslaved man kind and are dragging the world down and out of existence.

Now, a great problem with DC universe is that their heroes are like gods, so it's easy to see them winning all the time. But this book removed the big players, in particular Superman - who was sent off in time to solve another problem, on the promise that he would return at the moment he left - and left the smaller players to fight the anti-life equation. Batman succeeded by using his mind and will (Darkseid wanted to create clones of Batman to fight the resistance, but everything that made Batman who he is, a willful, belligerent bugger, ensured that the clones would rather self-terminate than serve, in order to save the human race). Issue six sees Batman outsmart Darkseid, discover a weakness of sorts, and deliver a bullet to kill a god, at the cost of his own life. The moment I originally referred to was when Superman returns, a moment too late, and flies through the carnage wrought in his absence, his eyes firing out heat vision and breaking up the skirmishes and small battles around him, to silently lift the dead body of his fallen friend.

Now, it's hard to get across how well Morrison and his artists delivered this, without slipping into geekiness, but it was a great comic and a great moment in a great comic, and that's all there is to it.

Now, speaking of great comics...

I've been picking up some reviews and collected Pulp comic books the last couple of weeks - three in particular have really caught my eye.

The first is the beautifully drawn and interestingly allusive Sergeant Zero - by Anthony Schiavino. Just a preview at the moment, but still another fantastically professional looking and feeling book.

The other two are Mysterious Adventure Magazine which seems to be an ongoing anthology series, excellent art, great fun in the writing, and Egg: Hard Boiled Stories, again an anthology, collecting a singular writers work with a collection of artists - each story having a different length and feel to it.

They all fall under that category of books that remind me why I like these natty four coloured adventures so much.


Anonymous said...

Hhmm...I think the story you were courageously trying to explain is one of those "gotta been there" things. I don't really get what's going on, but my mind is apparently pretty comic book illiterate.

But that dinner that we made was damn good, was it not?!

Love you!

pdore said...

I'm with you Jamie - there's nothing like a great comic moment (Phoenix dying, Batman beating Superman in the Dark Knight). It miiiiight be more of a guy thing though. What was for dinner?

Monkey Pipe said...

It was Chicken with Spinach and mushrooms and pepper - very simple, but really very nice!