Monday, 31 August 2009

Five Things

In preparation of the five preview pages of Omnitarium that I will shortly be posting on here, I thought I'd share with you five Indy books that have caught my eye during my readings and researching of all things self-published.

In reverse order, here we go...

5. Contract Blues
Written and Illustrated by Mike Fugere Jr., Lee O'Connor - a wonderfully put together crime book, in beautiful black and white art, this first issue would be higher on the list if not for the fact that it hit some snags and stalled on the first issue (monies owed stopped the book, sadly, despite the second issue being plotted and almost ready). It's recently been re-issued at Indy Planet, so hopefully new interest will get the book going again. What's it like? Vertigo Comics Loser series crossed with 100 Bullets.

4. Magnitude
Written and illustrated by Greg Waller, Axel Gimenez - another book that seems to have stalled, but making it to it's third issue (issues one through three are available at Ape Entertainment ) - grand, super-powered, space battles aplenty, the series harks back to the 70's/80's comics, light on time wasting, heavy on action and big silly-named villains. An alien hero sent to earth as a protector receives new orders to take over the planet and prepare the human race as shock troopers in a galactic battle, and only a super man sent from the future can stop him. What's it like? Like good John Byrne writing and illustrating Jack Kirby's New Gods.
NB - I contacted APE and asked about the remaining issues of the series, and was informed that the series creator didn't want to finish the story. A real shame.

3. Uniques
Written and illustrated by Comfort Love and Adam Withers - when a super hero team is wiped out by a super terrorist, the daughter of two of the fallen heros comes out of a two year coma to start a new team to fight the bad guys. Shady conspiracies and teen angst mix in the plot and make for a fun read (the first issue dialogue has some "moments" but they are teeth cutting moments rather than mood killing) but the series soon finds its tone. Issue 8 has just been completed. What's it like? The George PĂ©rez and Dick Giordano Teen Titans.

2. Fallen Justice
Written by Cary Kelley and Steven Forbes. Art by Harold Edge - Justice Theta, the worlds most powerful super hero, has just discovered that he hasn't long to live. The premise sets up this seven issue series, available from Red Hand Studios and currently at issue 3 (with issue four out soon). A really great read, and, it should be said, a fantastic lesson in marketing your product for aspiring indy book creators, Fallen Justice throws the reader into a fully formed world without feeling weighed down by origins and over-explanation. What's it like? Like a great Elseworlds, Marvel/DC cross over summer event.

1. The Colodin Project
Written and Illustrated by Ken Krekeler - I've mentioned this series before, and I've also linked it to a lot of people. In terms of indy books being put out at the moment, this really is a cut above almost everything I've seen. Beautiful art, a fantastic un-forced writing style and plot delivery, currently up to issue five (all available from Indy Planet) this really is an amazing book. If I go on about it enough, and can get one other person to read it, then it will hopefully help to get the entire planned twenty-one issue run complete. A mixture of grit, crime and fantasy, it really is worth tracking down. What's it like? The modern Daredevil world with traces of the classic Elektra Assassin limited series.

Well, that's it for now - sorry for any creators who I forgot to list that are involved in these books, I'm happy to amend any errors if you spot them!

I wish you all well, as an inspiration to us all!

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