Monday, 28 September 2009

Many Rivers to Cross...

Hi all, it's an early Monday morning, and I'm slowly thinking about getting myself ready for the day.

Quick update on Omnitarium - pages 1-20 are complete, save for page 17 (which is being worked on) and page 20 (which is being slightly altered). I can't believe that the first issue is now almost completed - very exciting.

I showed it to some other comic book creators last night, a group at a meet up that are all working on something in various stages (the most complete of the groups work can be seen here Theory of Everything Comics - the work of the rather fun Elan’ Rodger Trinidad) - which was a good experience, firstly, because the sequential work I have at present is pretty impressive, and does a good job of telling the story without the lettering being there. Secondly, because it helped me answer some of the old colour vs black and white questions that have been plaguing me through out the work. Lastly, because it meant that I had to pitch the story, something I need experience with.

I have some good, clear ideas of cover work that I'm going to pass on to J.C., so hopefully I'll have something more to show soon.

I've also been working out some ideas for the next project. A quarterly anthology still appeals to me as something to show off more than one story telling method or genre play, but we shall see.

Some ideas are:

The sprawling super-hero/conspiracy laden thriller - pretty much a love letter to all the old comic book stories and creators that I grew up with. I really wanted to create an origin story to a world of super heroes, with a three part story running, showing different takes on the tale (the big galactic grandiosity of Kirby/Lee silver-age books -> a grim n grittier "heroes in the real world" 80's-90's theme -> a bang-out spiritual, meta ending). I picture the book being a standard sized book, but with back up short stories (possibly by other creators) set in the world created. I also have been toying with the idea of using different artists or art styles in each segment. We shall see. At present I have the opening plotted out (we start with the fall of Atlantis - in this case a distant planet, being attacked by an army of super powered people (one idea was to have these presented as the classical hero standards, but changed, in the way that I see the current heroes that I grew up with having changed by years of continuity abuse and trend writing). As the world falls, they send a inter-dimensional rocket out and through an unstable worm-hole to our world at the dawning of man, imprinting a dormant coding into the genetics of humanity. The first arc shows the activation of this coding, and sees the birth of super-powers on Earth.

It's kind of a big story idea that I've been playing around with for years. I had originally written the first issue under the working title of "Heroics" but feel that's a little too close to the television show "Heroes" to work now.

A fun Pulp adventure series - I always liked the ideas of the old pulp series - nothing changed too much from character to character, just enough difference to make each one stand out slightly enough. I have an idea for a character called (at present) The Black Wraith. He's a typical 1930's masked avenger type, wears a suit, carries a couple of pistols. The idea I have for him is to have the character being one with a linage, which sees the person assuming the mantle of Black Wraith being aided by the skills and memories of all previous Wraiths. Also, the pistols would be non-lethal. The origin story I have in place sees a doctor disturbed in the night as the mortally wounded current Wraith tries to tend to blood shot wounds received in an early, unseen ambush. The doctor tries to save the dying vigilante, but is unsuccessful. He does, however, agree to avenge the Wraith, and bring the killers to justice - little realising that in agreeing to the oath, he has committed himself to become the next Wraith.

That's it for now, the day is dawning, and I need to get ready.


pdore said...

I love both of those concepts (plus the idea of a "a bang-out spiritual, meta ending")! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that phrase reminds me of the ending of the Man who was Thursday. I still have no idea of what was going on, but really thought it was great. Must read that one again.