Thursday, 15 October 2009

Pin Up, pt 2

Another day, another pin-up - this time of super-thief and escape artist, Lucius Allain (did I really name two characters Lucius? Hmm, I think not, must check back on this... ah, apparently not, Moonheart's first name in my notes is Harrow, not Lucius - note to self, sleep more!) -

Done by the wonderful Nate Snareser, here's the four-sketch option card to the finished piece:

Great image, and part of the story - hope you like it!


Anonymous said...

And you wanted to name your first born Lucius. You're obsessed. Get some sleep. I love you.


pdore said...

I like this one - beautiful black & white contrast! Just don't give him a son named Draco : )