Sunday, 4 October 2009

Ready, Aim, Print!

A busy few weeks and a busy weekend are being put to bed, as I type this entry.

This weekend saw the 1st Long Beach Comic Con - and also my first comic book convention since the early nineties. Lots of fun people dressed up, lots of artists and sellers, all in all an enjoyable experience, which was topped off by spending the evening with the Koffee and Komics Krowd (or at least a smattering of them) talking, eating dinner and then watching Zombieland.

I said a few hellos to some creators whose work I'm really enjoying at the moment, and sadly missed a few that I would have liked to have said hello to.

One of the things that came up in the post-con talking (mainly with Gerimi and Karl) was how little books that are being put out at the moment are in themselves a fun and eventful thing - over reliance on grim stories and cross-overs has lead to a sense of fun being plucked out of the industry. Of course, as fledgling or actual creators, we should be looking to instill that fun back into the world through our own books. It was great seeing Silver Comics and Mysterious Adventure Magazine bringing some of the fun back in their works, and inspiring for my own ideas to come.

Another little inspirational jolt has come about because of this:

Indy Comic Book Week

Basically, the week of the 30th of December this year sees Diamond Distribution (the biggest distributor of comics on the direct market) take a week off, and the idea is to get indy books out there, into the market place, using word of mouth, self and group promotion, what ever it takes.

Omnitarium issue one will be ready by then, and the original plan was to get it out at the end of the year/beginning of next - so this could be a great opportunity. If nothing else, it's given me an excellent spurt of inspiration and a sense of deadline. Keep watching this space...

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pdore said...

Will definitely keep watching the space! Glad the convention was fun - I miss those old days; vulcan ears, lead figures, Holy Grail, et al. Comic conventions have a great smell, don't they? Glad to have an ETA for your book!!