Friday, 13 November 2009

Omnitarium to print!

And so here we are.

The book has gone to print. Having received and checked through a digital proof - which ensured that the pages were in the correct order and orientation, all is good to go ahead and order the initial print run. The first run will be an order to try and shift to local comic book stores, and also to send to the few non-local stores that have already placed orders (yep, copies have already sold, 7 in total!). Now comes the fun part of trying to get people to actually buy the thing.

It's going to be distributed through various out lets and means; print on demand and digital being two medias that have been explored, as well as small-press distributors, and, of course, person to person.

So that's the end of that little journey - a short break to move the Pipe Family home a short distance, a little time to organise some promotions and the like (including additional items at the Zazzle store) and then on to issue two.

Have a great weekend, all!

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pdore said...

Congratulations Jamie! Can't wait to see it!!!