Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Naughties Are Kind of a Blur

I was thinking of doing an end of year round up, then thinking about doing an end of decade round up, but I couldn't remember enough of the pop-culture of the last decade to think of where to put things like "best film" and so on.

I will do a round up of things I have enjoyed this year and hope that in doing so I may turn some unsuspecting follower onto something they would otherwise have remained ignorant to, but that will be later.

For now, a quick outline of my plans, and the plans for comic work, in this coming year.

Firstly, Omitarium is looking good - issue two is nearly complete, a whole two months ahead of schedule! I think having a second issue out will help boost interest in the first issue, and one idea is to offer the first issue through Drivethru as a free download, once the second issue is available.

Issue's 3 and 4 should be complete before the first half of the year is done, and then I'll be looking into collecting the story in a single trade edition (around then I'll also start looking into putting the book online, a page at a time - but I need to learn more about this before attempting it!).

I'll also be working on The Samurai Project, an anthology being put together by a group of creators. At the moment, I'm down to write a story in the anthology, but this may change as the shape of the book is worked out, and I may take on more or different duties.

After this, I have started work on another series, which I'd like to work with J.C. on again, feeling that we get on very well, creatively. It's still in the early stages, but a basic plot and bible are nearly completed, and issue one's script work has started. It's a super-powers story line, and I've had fun over the last few months creating a whole universe of characters and cities to play with - it's a big story, told in several chunks, something I'm looking forward to doing greatly.

I'm hoping to get to Long Beach Comic Con in 2010 as a creator - showing off Omnitarium and hopefully the Anthology work.

Alongside these are of course my duties in day-job world. Day-job one will keep me busy until the end of April. Day-job two will see me traveling and being very busy until the middle of July, which hopefully will fill the summer gap in day-job one!

It's been a fun year, and looks like it will be a busy one next year!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, very busy year coming up. Remember to get some sleep and eat your veggies.


the Mrs.