Saturday, 16 January 2010

Omnitarium Issue #2!

That's right - it doesn't end there - in fact, there are a total of four issues in this series! A staggering 96 pages of story!

Now, if I could take my Stan Lee hat off -

Issue two nears completion, interior art is done, cover is nearly there, and all will be with Bernie for lettering soon.

It's been great to work on, and to have it nearly done so fresh to issue one being put out. One of my favourite things about working on the book is going back to the script and doing a final re-write so that the ideas that J.C. has brought to the story are given their due - it's then that the book becomes more than my script and his pictures, but rather our book.

Here's a preview page - more news to follow soon!


Anonymous said...

Cool, honey. Looking forward to seeing the new cover as well.


阿煌 said...

cool blog,期待更新.........................