Saturday, 6 February 2010

Twice in One Day!

Okay, after posting the last piece, a couple of things happened.

1. I've been plotting out a story-line for a character, but struggling to come up with what I thought was an interesting moment of origin. Settling down for some reading, I absorbed a few pages that had my mind swimming with ideas within seconds. Then, a little later, I jumped in the car and listened to a podcast that finished up those ideas, and tied them all together into what I think is really going to work.

The old adage about reading so that you can write has never felt more true!

2. I received in my in-box, the low res image of J.C.'s work on the cover for issue 2 of Omnitarium - fully coloured - I think it looks amazing...

Goodnight, all!

1 comment:

Anonymous said... I'm going to have nightmares! Glad you're finding good inspiration, honey. Can't wait to hear about it.