Sunday, 23 May 2010

High Society

As may be clear by earlier posts, I've been thinking a lot about
tidying up my social network presence of late.

Almost entirely because of efficiency.

At present I have the comic book work spread out across too many
sites. I was testing blog sites and promotional methods, but have
since been rethinking the approach. Slap-dash across too many sites
leads to erratic updates, which leads to lost interest from potential
readers. Also, streamlining the approach is probably a better idea:
if someone Googles "Omnitarium" and it brings up several sites in
various states of dress, well, that isn't going to help.

I can't remember where I read this, but there was the alarming
statistic that most people loose interest in an internet site if it
fails to load in four seconds. If the work of finding a site takes a
long time, I imagine that the same interest level is applicable, more
or less.

One of the things I've been meaning to do for a long time is set up a
website dedicated to the comic book - or even comic books. A place to
actually post the book, page by page on a regular basis, I think, can
only be a good thing. The book runs, at present, 96 pages in total,
so it could run for nearly two years quite comfortably.

Facebook is losing appeal to me, and not just because it seems to be
on everybody's shit list. I rarely look at it, and get annoyed when
people with my email address send me messages through it's message
system. I'm thinking that will be a casualty.

Twitter stays - fast, loose, effective and friendly.

The blog stays - I'm thinking of a new system - posting on here twice
a week. This will sit either side of the comic book site postings
(once a week). It will seem more manageable and give me some
structure, I think.

Deviant Art, although I'm no artist, is a good site to link and
browse - so I will try to link to that - perhaps pasting the relivent
posts from here to there - plus a link to the comic book pages.

And that's about it for now.

All of this will be post return, so we shall see - it may take me a
long time to get my head around the comic book site, but it will be
good to have a project - also, if I can get it going in time for Long
Beach Comic Con it will help there too.

Good night all!

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