Friday, 28 May 2010

Kids Read Comics

I started reading comics when I was very young. It was an easy step from Roger Hargreaves' Mr Men books to the comics that were on offer when I was growing up.

It seemed to be a golden age - not only were the very British books like Beano and Dandy on offer, but there were great collected editions of American comics also to be found.

I graduated fairly quickly (though continued to enjoy every book from my past) from the fun, simple pleasures of Whizzer and Chips to Eagle to Battle and then onto the Marvel UK books. Then I discovered more adult books like 2000ad. I say more adult, but I was still a kid, and these books, with their hidden meanings and punk attitudes, were still enjoyable for kids.

Comic books developed a lot of my cultural opinions, but also opened doors for me. I first got interested in ancient history because of Judge Cal in 2000ad, I read Dostoevsky because Blue Beetle mentioned how much he liked the Brothers Karazamov to Black Canary in passing - good comics transcend age, and are enjoyable to all.

With this in mind, I draw readers attention to the Kids Read Comics! event, taking place in Dearborn, Michigan, June 12-13th.

I would be lying to you if I didn't say that some part of me will be saddened if my own son shows no interest in comics - I hope that creators like those at the event will still be around and actively producing work for all ages in the coming years, when he is old enough to decide where his interests lie.

More information about Kids Read Comics! can be found here:

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