Sunday, 16 May 2010

Pretty Vacant

9 weeks is a long time. Think about what could happen in that time.

It's half a week short of a torrid affair involving fridges and
blindfolds. It's three weeks more than the average summer holiday
from school. It's 81 days, which is 74 more days than it would take
to avert a coup undertaken by US generals, apparently...

I'm one week through my adventure in South Africa - missing Mrs Pipe
and Jr terribly.

Today is my first day off since arriving. I managed a morning visit
to an African market, which was taking place in the car park of a
mall, so isn't as native as that sounds. Strangely OMD or some such
group was playing on a PA system as I walked around, singing about
how little sleep the FBI were going to get that night.

I managed to eat a very nice salad and pizza (I know this is boring
to keep mentioning my diet - I'm no travel writer, and certainly no
food critic, I just want to let Mrs Pipe know that I am not sinking
in sausages and steak!) and read the Economist, before jumping back
onto a waiting shuttle, to be whisked back into the compound.

Lots can be done in 9 weeks...

I'm hoping to read a few books. I'm hoping to write and plot a couple
of comic series and perhaps start work on that book which I've been
meaning to return to for a while.

For now, though, I'll enjoy the first day off.

Oh - I shaved my hair off. It was getting thick (my hair seems to not
get long, just thick) and I figured if I messed it up too badly
(clippers in a mirror - no idea what the back looks like) I'd have 9
weeks to get over it.

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