Friday, 14 May 2010

Somebody's Been Here

Life is settling in at the compound. I am managing to eat well,
despite exactly 4/5ths of the menu being made up of steak.

One strange phenomena is that a new item finds its way into my room
each day. Today saw the arrival of a bed-side lamp with a European
plug. Totally useless, but a nice idea all the same.

Making the shift from long days to short days/long weeks is taking
its time, but I'm hoping to be "on schedule" some time in the next
couple of days. I'm also told that Johannesburg sits at an elevated
altitude. For top-of-their-game sports folk this can have an adverse
affect on performance. For slightly bloated and too comfortable with
their life thirty somethings with aspirations towards being writers,
this just means one yawns on average 83% more a day.

I must sleep now.

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