Tuesday, 11 May 2010

You Can't Handle the Truth

Good day all!

A fine morning spent going over some technical training, and then
lunch in a setting which reminded me of the place where Jack
Nicholson's character in A Few Good Men breakfasted. All good.
Managed to get some greens, veg, salad - all of which will make Mrs
Pipe very happy, no doubt.

The rest of the day was spent getting workstations ready to commence
with duties.

I can't say a great deal about what I'm doing, partially to keep a
distance between my private blogs here and my professional duties in
South Africa. It doesn't involve anything untoward, but I do get a
very nice screen to work on. I don't want to risk my lap-top's
jealousy by talking too much about the sleek, clear, crisp, wonderful
screen, so will say no more.

The television in my room gets 6 channels - three local, one
uncertain, one dedicated to God and, rather randomly, Sky news - so
I'm able to keep track of the absolute inaction going on at Downing
Street - live, 24 hour coverage of a door and lots of men with
nothing to report, reporting none the less.

The televisions in the social area of the compound offer sports and
music channels, so I'm hoping that I get the chance to see Forest
play in the catchy titled Championship POSF L2, which they enter
trailing 1-2 from the first leg. I haven't actually watched them play
in close to three years. The last time I did see them a friend asked
why I was getting so upset about a bunch of moderate athletes...

Before the game commences, time to "hit" the "gym" and "work-out".


NB: Forest lost 3-4

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