Monday, 21 June 2010

The Blame Game

It seems that everyone is in search of find who is responsible for
the bigger teams struggling so much at this world cup.
Coaches are to blame because they are lame ducks (France) who have
killed off the creativity of the individual for the benefit of the
result (Italy, Brazil) all the while keeping a tight control over
players with frail egos crushed under the weight of expectation
(Spain, England).
A certain amount of blame has to be proportioned to coaches for the
games themselves, in so much that they lay out the tactics of the
game, and are the ones in a position of power to change what isn't
However the players are also to blame, surely. They are the ones on
the pitch not performing, If they don't understand what is expected
of them, surely they should speak up? If they aren't one hundred
percent fit or ready mentally, surely they should say something?
Then it's us, right? We expect too much of these players, built up by
the press over long, arduous seasons, telling them that they are the
golden generation and we want nothing less than a win? The teams of
low pressure certainly seem to be performing best at this tournament,
freed from the shackles of expectation to get out there and play as a
unit, rather than a group of 11 wunderkints. Maybe we should back off
and just let them be...
But then there's the press, who pile this expectation on the players,
and hound there every move, second guess their every moment. Why
aren't we protecting our players from these beasts??!
Maybe the world stage has just gotten a little smaller - players are
better known - skill-sets are easier to share.
Yesterday's predictions were both fun to get wrong, and relieving to
get a final correct score.
Today's games, the last in the second stage of group games, don't
really solve anything, but make for an interesting last round of groups.

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