Sunday, 13 June 2010

England Player Rating

Green - 3 - Apart from the awful blunder, he looked solid. His
distribution could have been better, but he saved well to keep the
game tied, and came off his line well to cut out the pacey US attack
when the defence was caught short. However, that blunder was what he
will be remember for, and, sadly, when you make a mistake in goal it
tends to be more costly. Such a poor mistake to make.
Johnson - 7 - The only England player who seemed to want to be there
for the whole game - good running, tidy defending, had a couple of
decent chances.
A Cole - 5 - Didn't connect with the players around him, poor passing
and very little attack. Defensive got caught out a few times.
Terry - 6 - pedestrian at best. One good block, but looked at odds
with King and Carragher - far too often sat deep and invited the US.
King - 5 - Not a bad performance, but didn't seem to fit into the
game plan at all. Replaced by Carragher at H/T
Lennon - 5 - Cannot cross the ball, yet seemed to want to play wider
than usual. Poor passing cost momentum and he was absent for long
Milner - 4 - Slow, sluggish and out of sorts completely. Booked for a
clumsy challenge and subbed around the half hour mark.
Gerrard (c) - 7 - Nice goal, and some excellent tackling and running.
Gave the ball away needlessly in front of goal in the second half,
but looked much better than he has of late.
Lampard - 4 - Was he even on the pitch? Granted the game plan seemed
to bypass Lampard, but he wasn't there to sweep up when plan A fell
down. Set pieces were unimaginative and poorly taken.
Rooney - 6 - Cut out of the game for most of the 90 minutes, forced
to come deep to cover for Lampard's absence, when he did get the ball
you felt he could do something, but no one seemed to be on his
wavelength. Frustrating.
Heskey - 6 - Nice lay off for the goal, and seemed to be the what the
whole plan hinged on - held the ball well, but showed his
inadequacies when one on one with the keep and shot into Howard's
hands softly. Replaced by Crouch late on.

Shawn Wright Phillips - 5 - came on and did nothing. No end product,
unless you want your product to be the occasionally won throw in.
Carragher - 6 - Slow, but effective for the most part. A little
better than King, but not by much.
Crouch - 5 - No real opportunities, but had a great chance to get a
head on a nice cross late on, however, for some reason Crouch seems
to not really care for headers.

Tactics - 5 - poor. Long ball plan stuck to despite it not working.
Scoring early on and then not really defending is suicide. Team
selection seemed at odds with the job at hand. Why England seem
totally incapable of holding a ball for more than three passes still
confuses me. Seemed more comfortable on the ball when Johnson was off
having treatment than at any other time during the game. Blunt.