Thursday, 17 June 2010

Football, 20 Games Done, 44 to Go (normal service will resume)

So, not too bad - I predicted (quite easily) an Argentina win, but no
one else predicted a Korean goal (I was correct for 75 minutes!).

No one saw Greece doing anything, but then again, no one thought that
a Nigerian player would be daft enough to kick someone and cost his
team a place in the next round.

My heart said Mexico, and my head said France - I'm glad I listened
to my heart. Great win for Me-he-o... if France can beat SA by 3
clear goals, and Mexico lose by 3 clear goals, then things might
change, but for now URU and MEX look good.

I was at Soccer City for KOR v ARG and it was a great atmosphere -
wonderful support from both sides, really great performance from both
sides - Korea never gave up, Argentina didn't stop playing the game
they started.

Can't remember if I posted my predictions for tomorrow, but here they

GER 3 v 0 SRB (Klose) Germany looked great against a weak Australian
side, but I suspect they will look equally good against a relatively
solid Serbian side too.

SVN 1 v 2 USA (Donavan) USA are a smart team, tidy in attack, a
little bit tired in defence, unless playing a weak side (like England
were 6 days ago). They sometimes flatter because of this, but I
expect an easy win.

ENG 2 v 0 ALG (Rooney) - Algeria were bright but weak in their
opening game, England were blunt and stodgy. I would like to think
they realise that they need to do more if they have any hope of

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