Thursday, 10 June 2010

It's Here!

I’m excited. I am a big football fan, but of late have been so far removed from the world of football, that I barely know who is where and what is what.


But here I am, in South Africa, ready for the World Cup.


If the World Cup starts on the morning of the event, then we are just over 3 hours from the event. If it’s from the opening ceremony – always a hilarious spectacle of safe-but-bizarre expression of global unity – then we are 17 hours away. If it’s from when the first whistle blows, the first teams stand ready to face each other, the first ball is rolled forward, then we are 19 hours away. And I’m excited.


We’ve got prediction leagues going. My past record at predicting games has not been great, but that doesn’t stop me, like most people I’m sure, that I know what I’m talking about and have some special gift at this.


I don’t.


My predictions for the first two games are as follows:


RSA 2 v 1 MEX

URU 1 v 1 FRA


Mexico will be tough, but the wave of excitement and support and the ‘Home’ effect for South Africa, will be enough to see them win in their first game.


France will make incredibly hard work of the whole tournament – Uruguay will slip in under the radar – grabbing an early goal and then letting France attack with their usual 2 almost shots on goal and lots of talented players standing near the corner flags looking annoyed and alone.


Come back in 21 hours and see how I did!


pdore said...

It sounds exciting Jamie!! Many of my students are really looking forward to tomorrow's game - hope you enjoy it!!

pdore said...

Sorry Jamie, but I'm not putting money on your prognostications yet! Good first game though - I watched it with my students at school & told them that you were there. Problem with soccer though - game 1: 1-1 tie. Game 2: 0-0 tie. Come on!!! I think I need to watch some games with you to get it!

Monkey Pipe said...

Only the post stopped my first result from being correct! And the second one, wow was I being kind even suggesting that there would be goals scored...

I'm putting them down to opening night nerves.

Today will be a much better affair - expect some gung-ho fun from a couple of the teams, and then a labourious victory from England against a tough US (ultimately undone by their defence being broken).

I'll send some predictions later!