Friday, 11 June 2010

Open Letter to All International Football Coaches (but mainly Mr Capello)

Friendlies tend to be a waste of time and little more than a money
making exercise for the appropriate association in charge of that
countries team.

However, it does give you a stadium, often full, of supporters -
something that no training match can give. It gives you a match

I would suggest trying a couple of things.

Perhaps you could end the match with a penalty shoot out, because,
you know what, if you want your team to progress in competitions they
may actually encounter these.

If you are ahead, try taking a player off and not replacing them with
15 minutes to go - because, you know, players might get sent off
during these tournaments too.

Finally, if you are going to a country for a tournament and there is
something unique about the fans - yes, I'm thinking about Vuvuzela's
here - perhaps at a home friendly you could encourage the fans to
emulate what they might encounter when at the tournament.

Love always,


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