Monday, 28 June 2010

picks for the day

A little late. I’ve been thinking about writing about the failings of England, but to be honest, it’s more than I can bring myself to do...


Today’s picks were:


NED 2 v 0 SVK (VAN PERSIE) (was the score until the 94th bloody minute, when Holland gave away a penalty, grrr)

BRA 1 v 1 CHI (FABIANO) (I was thinking it might go to penalties, and it still might, but at the moment Brazil lead 2-0)


The work sweeps are basically awarding thus: 3pts for a correct score predictions, 1pt for getting the right winner but not the score, 1pt for first scorer. I’ve been playing it safe for a while, and did okay, but decided to try in the last round to pick wild to try and make some space between me and the others – so far it hasn’t worked... 3rd place at present, trailing by 2 points (soon to be more).


Oh well, I won one round, and I’m still kind of in the running!

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