Sunday, 13 June 2010

Requiem England

Not really in the mood to write much.

I let myself get sucked in again - thought England might actually be
good. Stupid me.

After a decent start, scoring in the 4th minute, they sat back and
gave the ball away and got careless... and then they concede a goal
in terrible fashion and show how few ideas they have to get back into
the game.

Korea looked bright and fun and kept to their game plan. I love the
way they play. They never stop trying, even when ahead, they get
tackled, roll over and get back up to get back into the game, they
keep pushing and pushing. It's only their talent and the feeling that
they could miss clean opportunities that stops them from going
further. Fun game, in which Greece looked like they are unlikely to
break their World Cup duck any time soon.

Argentina laboured to a win, but Nigeria looked great defensively
(especially in goal) and were unlucky not to get back into the game.

KOR 2 v 0 GRE
ARG 1 v 0 NIG
ENG 1 v 1 USA

So todays games - on paper the dullest day so far, but sometimes
those days through up something fun.

SVN 2 V 2 ALG - I think that, despite my better judgement about
Algeria being the weakest team at the contest, and Slovenia being a
decent defending side, this game will spark into life with goals.

GER 3 v 1 AUS - Germany should beat the 'Socceroos' comfortably, but
in Cahill, Australia have a constant threat to goal.
GHA 2 v 3 SRB - Serbia have a tidy team, Ghana have nothing to lose.

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