Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sweet, sweat patches!

Hello all.


Today’s games seem set to ensure that my stomach and nerves will be as frayed as a rope on the Mary Rose by this evening...


SVN 1 v 2 ENG – Rooney

USA 2 v 0 ALG – Dempsey


England have been awful, I cannot remember a time when the skill levels of players has been so absent in a game, let alone across two. It can’t go on, can it? Slovenia will relish their roll as plucky underdog, but they haven’t looked great, flattered by Algeria, fortunate that the ref helped them overcome a slow-to-start US side. USA have to start the game and play for the full 90 minutes – if they can no problem against Algeria.


GHA 0 v 2 GER – Schwinsteiger

AUS 1 v 1 SRB – Cahill


Ghana are surprise leaders, Germany are angry, which is never a good thing... Australia looked good in their last match, Serbia will be feeling a little cocky.

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Anonymous said...

Good for the US and good for England. I'm glad that both countries have something to celebrate.