Monday, 14 June 2010

Two Goals

Another day of games, another day of predictions.

Yesterday was okay, Holland won, although by a smaller margin than I
thought. Japan did very well (and I predicted the first scorer in
that game in the office sweep) against a tough side, Italy stumbled
to a draw, coming to life in the last 20 minutes or so.

Today sees some fun fixtures;

NZL 0 v 2 SVK - I just cannot see the All White's getting anything
from this game. Qualifying from a weak group as they did. This is, in
theory, their easiest game of the tournament.

CIV 2 v 2 POR - So far no game has featured a clear winner when both
teams have scored, and so far only one game has produced more than
two goals. Two attacking sides, one very physical - some goals would
be nice in this contest, but again, I cannot see a clear winner.

BRA 5 v 1 PRK - People keep talking about North Korea as the mystery
team, a team we know nothing about, that could cause upsets in this
tournament. There's a reason we don't know anything about them, they
don't qualify that often because they aren't very good. A solid
defensive formation in a so-so group saw them come through, but does
anyone really expect anything less than a solid win from Brazil.
Brazil have come into the tournament with both the flair of solid
attacks and the strength of a real defence.

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