Monday, 5 July 2010

Omnitarium, the Musical!

Well, not quite. However I have been playing around with Squarespace and have started to build a simple site for Omnitarium, upon which I will be posting pages from the book - updating twice-weekly, hoping to tell the story across a year.

The test site can be found here.

As it stands, the site won't really be live until about the end of August, as I try to get it looking how I would like, activate the domain name, and have a clear idea of how completed the entire series is by then (at present we have issues one and two out now, issue three is being lettered, and J.C. started the art work on issue four just last week, with five pages completed). I'm guessing the entire thing will be done way before the middle of August, and ready for the presses in time for Long Beach Comic Con, in October.

Print editions of issues one and two are still available from Indyplanet, and digital editions from Drivethru.

Slowly this blog will become more of a journal for me, and focus on comics, but the main body of comic news etc will be found on the sites for respective series (the Omnitarium site is an experiment for the next series, more details to come).

And now for the football predictions.

I managed to get 3 out of the 4 semi-finalists predicted from the off, which is kind of a nice feeling - I'm still backing Germany all the way - the main difference between them and other teams seems to be that they are enjoying themselves. Spain look like they are working, Uruguay are just happy to be here, and Holland go hot and cold.

So for the semi-finals I have:

URU 2 v 2 NED (VAN PERSIE) - this game could easily be a no-scorer, what with Uruguay being down one of their main attackers, but I think it could be a fun game, with Holland going through in extra time.
GER 3 v 1 ESP (KLOSE) - sticking with Germany. Spain will find it a lot harder to keep the ball away from them, and they have showed some fortune despite defensive and goalkeeping questions being asked.


Anonymous said...

I got all excited, cuz I thought you were starting to compose music!!! Ha. Not such a bad idea, really.

So, the football obsession is now taking a turn to the comic obsession? I'm looking forward to the yoga practice, spiritual awakening obsession. And, cooking yummy food for your lovely wife obsession. One can dream....


Anonymous said...

Ah, Mrs G, life is but one great spiritual awakening, nest pas? Surely in my own quest to tell stories, I am moving closer to my own awakening. It may not be the same one as yours, but it is an awakening none the less?

Cooking, you say. Sure. Looking forward to it!

Love Mr

Anonymous said...

I hope so.


p.s. some veg curry would be nice