Saturday, 24 July 2010

Pride of Lions

My first comic book series, Omnitarium, is nearly finished.

Issue one came out at the end of December last year, and issue three has just gone to the printers. Awaiting proof clearance before it will becoming available.

Issue four, the last in this first volume, has art work completed for just over the first half of the book.
I'm really proud of what I've achieved - standing on the shoulders of giants (J.C. Grande - my artist - and Bernie Lee - my letterer).

The professionalism that they brought to the project has really helped me produce something great, I think. It means a lot to me to have done this.

I have been a fan of the art of comic book story telling since as long as I can remember. All the negativity and gimmicky and poor use of the form goes out the window, for me, when the notes are played perfectly and the art and words join to do something uniquely special.

Omnitarium is some way away from that perfection, for me. However, it doesn't stop me from glowing when I think about what we've achieved in such a short space of time.

Now, here's a preview of one of the characters from the next series I'm currently working on.

Art by the wonderful Drew Moss, this is Sensess, one of the many characters I will be introducing in the Hero Code series.


pdore said...

Congratulations Jamie - busy year for you!!! Looking forward to seeing #3 & #4!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, congratulations on a busy, and creative year! Let's talk more about the characters and artwork.