Friday, 2 July 2010

South American

So we have had a little break from the World Cup - two days of no

I've managed to complete an early draft of The Hero Code series
bible, I've managed to plot out a rather splendid little special - or
zero issue - for the series, which I'm hoping to have the work start
on in the next few months, I've managed to plot line most of the
series... and I've gotten the final script for Omnitarium over to
J.C. and Bernie for art and lettering - deadline for three looms, and
for four I'm still aiming to have it completed in time to get copies
ready for Long Beach Comic Con (where I will be in attendance with
Jesse Toves).

I'm looking into webhosting for Omnitarium, and want to try to get a
site sorted out for both it and a general my-projects site sorted.
Squarespace seem like a good drag and drop site building service. I
will investigate further upon my return home... Comicpress seems
good, but lacks the option of breaking series down into chapters or
single books, and Webcomic I don't know enough about. If anyone has
any hints tips or ideas, let me know in the comments section, thanks!

Now, picks for today's games:

NED 2 v 2 BRA (ROBHINO) I think Holland will win this one on penalties.

URU 1 v 2 GHA (GYAN or FORLAN - I can't remember!)

and tomorrows;



I've given up trying to think and trying to pick different to get
ahead of the pack, and have reverted to my original picks that I did
way back before the first game in a spread sheet out of interest. In
that series of picks I managed to get all but two of the 1/4
finalists right, so must have been doing something better than
currently! The only ones I didn't have were URU v GHA - which was
going to be MEX v ENG, but we all know what happened there...

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