Sunday, 1 August 2010

Issue #3 of Omnitarium is now available

As the title says, the third and penultimate issue of Omnitarium is now available from Indyplanet - and remember you can still check out the webcomic here.

It's been great working on this book for the last year, with the finish now so close (ready for my first convention appearance on the creative side of the table, at the 2nd Long Beach Comic Con).

In my Day-Job, I'm about to head to Vegas for four nights - working long, hard hours out in the sunshine (last time I checked the temperature was in the 100's). I don't particularly like Vegas (smoke, for one thing, gets in my eyes) and will hide away in my room for the majority of the trip, either writing or practicing my lettering, or reading.

The most frustrating thing about this trip, is that it comes so soon after having come home from nearly ten weeks away from the family Pipe. Life really is quite grand at the moment, I love my wife, my son, where we live and the friends I have made here. The Day-Job, has it's ups and downs, some days I'm really into it, and enjoy the work, other days I cannot stand the pettiness, the bullying, the overblown egos and sense of entitlement that is rife in that particular industry.

As long as I remember, though, the family (immediate and extended), the friends and the comic book work, it all seems so... temporary, so very 'small'.

Here's to families and friends, and to creative endeavors at the very peak of our needs pyramids!

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Anonymous said...

Huzzah!! Here's to remembering what's really important,and being fully grateful for all our blessings and challenges.

And to hiding out in vegas!

See you soon!