Friday, 27 August 2010

Learning to write

I've been working on the prologue tale/prequel/zero issue for The Hero Code.

Original starting out as a back up story, it grew into a bigger story and then became it's own thing.

One idea was to release it as a special "giant sized issue". The other was to have it as a complimentary web-story. Part of an ongoing series to help build the back story of the Code universe.

It still could be any of these things.

It's been a real learning curve for me, helping me to find a voice for the series, while staying as it's own separate thing. I've been having fun finding a technique and working my writers muscle.

My technique at present is to plot a basic idea out, map it as a series of beats, then do a first draft script. This draft will be pretty close to a final idea sent to the artist, where they will mix in and tighten up the work, hopefully finding what works within the script and adjusting as needs be.

The final edit for me is the lettering stage where the characters will find their voices and the words will be cleaned up.

It feels like it works for me. We shall see.

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