Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Eloquence of Others

Apparently, that is the end of summer - although living in southern California, we are hard pressed to report such a shift in seasons at the Pipe Family residence.

Labour Day weekend was filled with fun and work in near equal measures. The fun was needed and enjoyed, but the work wasn't too shabby either.

Omnitarium issue #4 was signed off on at the creative end. File renaming and a couple of pages needing lettering is all that remains before it can be sent off to the respective digital and print companies.

Already, we're onto the next thing.

Hero Code is ticking along nicely. The first arc, a three issue "Prologue", which grew from a back-story to a special to a mini-series thanks to the fun I was having writing it, is fully scripted. I'm hoping to work out the schedule and pacing for that series shortly. My hope would be to have issue one ready in time for Arizona, but we shall see.

I have the series mapped out to around 30 issues at the moment, with the first three fully scripted, and issue four plotted. I should have the fourth issue scripted in the next couple of weeks. It feels good to be ahead on this one.

The site is coming together gradually. Omnitarium's own site was a good learning curve, and I hope to make more of the Hero Code one, perhaps being more "present" thereon.

Finally, I read the manifesto on Valerie D'Orazio's blog site for her Comics Revolution 2012, and was thrilled to see someone put so eloquently into words what I think is needed in comics - a link to her blog is over there on the right of this page (Occasional Super-heroine).

I hope I can help realise that manifesto.

Bon Voyage, all!

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